🔱 I’m James, a UC San Diego alumni with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering (class of 2021, minor in Music) and 2.5+ years of software engineering experience.

Highlights of my experience include software engineering, research, humanitarian-focused projects, and IEEE workshops—all of which helped strengthen my interpersonal and technical skills.

💻 Most recently, I’ve been contributing my expertise to drive the growth of WebSpot’s innovative platform as a Software Engineer, actively shaping our product during its emergence from stealth mode and refining my full-stack development skills. Prior to this role, I worked on advancing education and scaling the commerce platform at MasterClass as a Software Engineer, where I spent 2 years, having converted from intern to full-time.

My past occupations have a theme of working interpersonally: engineer, code instructor, teacher, cashier. Overall, I believe in working collaboratively to improve the lives of others using technology.

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